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It takes hard work, dedication and experience to deliver first class produce to our customers; and here at Gasparro Produce Ltd we believe in and have passion for what we do. No two seasons are ever the same, there are also challenges to be overcome but we are always learning and working together with our customers to provide the best produce we can.

From maintaining the soil, sowing the seeds, encouraging growth, harvesting, temporary storage in fridges, packing and delivery, we are always striving for the highest quality.

We undergo an annual internal and external audit under the Assured Produce Scheme whereby a vast number of requirements for every type of crop we produce has to be satisfied and conformed to. As part of this Scheme, we have many individual policies in place which cover the areas of:

Plant Protection Product Storage; Fertiliser Storage; Plant Protection; Water and Irrigation; Plant Nutrition and Soil Care; Seeds Plant Propagating Material; Machinery Maintenance and Calibration; Crop Harvest, Transport, Storage and Handling; On Farm Packing/Grading; Waste Pollution and Management; Training; Social Issues; Health and Safety; Risk Assessments and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points); Environment and Conservation; Traceability Complaints and Use of Logo.

Gasparro Produce Ltd offers all its customers the same ideal – to supply an excellent product at a competitive price on a daily basis and to ensure continuity of supply.

We use only high specification seeds and plants which are NOT Genetically Modified (GM). We have the latest ground-breaking field preparation equipment, reducing the need for pesticides. We use the knowledge of an agronomist weekly to help us with plant welfare and assist us in protocol in helping the environment alongside government legislation. Our aim is to work as naturally as possible. We use recycled products whenever we can.

Our workforce consists of a permanent team all year round plus a group of Eastern Europeans (through the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme). Our entire temporary workforce is supplied via registered labour providers, who are fully licenced and adhere to the rules and regulations of The Gangmaster Licencing Authority (GLA). Gasparro Produce Ltd work closely with the GLA to ensure that personnel working on our farm are legally permitted to work and live in the UK. We ensure that every worker receives the appropriate induction and training. Our SAWS participants are covered by insurance through NFU Mutual. We are also inspected at least once per year in terms of our place of work and the accommodation/facilities. In particular, issues such as work and wages, the management and control of health and safety and also standards of the accommodation/facilities are examined.

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